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Village Improvements

centrewire-gatesReview of Footpaths and Stiles in and around the Village
Councillors are currently reviewing the footpaths and Stiles around the Village to ensure they are safe and easy to use.   Do you have a problem with any particular area?   Are there any improvements you would like to see?  If so please email the clerk Sue Hine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Waste Bins
Following a suggestion from someone in the village the Parish Council has installed waste bins in and around the village which will be collected twice monthly.  We have already had some favourable comments about the


lack of litter and dog mess so thank you for using them!





Improvement of Car parking for the Playground
The Playground car park was completed in February 2019.  The Parish Council have bought the land from the Gale Trust and works were carried out over the winter period.  The bark has also been dug and replaced where necessary by volunteer Peter Hine and Councillor Rob Bailey to meet the safety requirements required.  Both projects reflect the success of the playground and the PC hopes that the car park will alleviate traffic problems along the Leaze.  The car park is for visitors to the playground only and signs have been installed stating this. 


Improvement of the Footpath to Marlborough past Minal House
Minalpath5Oct17In additon to re-cutting the path leading up the hill towards Marlborough and past the Minal House area, Wiltshire County Council has installed extra traffic bollards to improve access to the houses in this area.  Further traffic posts are due to be installed to block off the muddy area that can be blocked by parked cars and make pulling out onto the road dangerous.  In the past this has been cut by the County Council but now the Parish Council have organised the re-cutting of the path, increased litter picking and asked local residents to be mindful of bin clearance days.

 Proposed Extension of the Footpath to the Leaze and provision of a Bus shelter - Cancelled
This project was suggested by a local resident and was accepted by the CAT G Community Area Transport Group.  However costs increased dramatically as County Highways stated that all work would involve closing the road to traffic.  This effectively doubled the costs for the project and reluctantly Councillors voted to cancel the project.  Our local County Councillor, Jane Davies has been asked to feed this back to Wiltshire County Council.